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Employee Background Screening - An Indian Outlook

In recent times, background screening has become an integral part of the hiring process. In this blog posting, we are trying to capture the Indian view of the background verification industry and the importance it bears in the employment process.

Many organizations face serious issues and financial losses due to a bad hire. Most of the organizations in India have their client based in other countries and their projects are purely international. Background verification checks are mandatory in some of the multi-national companies, as they have faced a lot of crisis due to a bad hire even at the CXO level. Few Indian companies are conducting their business via B2B websites too. When it comes to B2B, they hardly know about the company and their employees and hence background verification services play a major role when an organization conducts its business via websites. In order to make the organization achieve its goal faster, a smarter decision should be made when choosing a background verification Company.

Why do organizations need background verification checks to be performed on every candidate they hire? There could be various reasons for conducting background verifications, but we have listed out some critical factors in this article.

Most of the organizations want to make sure that the job applicant is telling the truth. According to industry estimates, over 60% of resumes can contain false or tweaked information. In such cases, employers want to ensure that the information given by the candidate at the time of interview is true. The employer may perform a background check to ascertain, whether the job applicant actually graduated from the college as mentioned in the resume or during the interview, and to confirm that the job applicant worked at the stated employers as per the tenure mentioned in his/her resume.

Most of the background verification services include the below checks and they can be customized according to the requirements of the companies and industry verticals.

  • Educational certificate verification.
  • Identity and Address verification.
  • Criminal background checks.
  • Employment History verification.
  • Professional Reference verification.

Many international organizations, when hiring a candidate from India do a lot of background screening like checking if the certificate is authentic, verifying if the candidate has a huge credit outstanding from banks and also their criminal records. Background verification services have been in India for a long time. Today, even small and medium size companies have started conducting Background Checks on their employees.

Across India, the background verification service providers are working overtime to satisfy the needs of their clients who are spread across several industry sectors. We, at A-Check Global, have a strong and long-term commitment to set the highest standard for the safety and security of these organizations that are looking for Background Verification Services. Contact us for more details regarding Background Verification Services.

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