Author : Check global

Does the education industry require background verification? As educators and educational administrators, they are taking care of the future generation who is being trained to face the world with confidence and discipline. In the present day, anyone who is dealing with kids is a prime candidate for a thorough background check. Running criminal background checks on teachers, faculty, janitorial staff, teaching assistants, coaches and other extra-curricular activity staff is the most important first step towards ensuring safe classrooms and safe schools.

Background checks for people in the education sector are not limited to criminal histories alone. Most states require certain certifications in order to teach or work in certain capacities within the schools. Background checks also serve to verify that the person in question is who he or she claims to be and that he or she also has the required certifications and endorsements. Most schools today do not limit the background check to the people who have direct access and responsibility for the children, but also for every substitute teacher, parent volunteer, custodian, bus driver, canteen vendor, sports coach and teacher’s aide. Schools need to ensure that those working with their students lack any criminal convictions or crimes relating to children.

Studies show that school employees have committed crimes during their employment. The job history of an applicant is often missed or incomplete. As demonstrated from industry stats, 30-40 percent of job applications contain erroneous information. Because of the level of trust afforded to those involved in training our children, finding that a teacher or any other school employee is a convict can be unsettling. Finding out that someone terminated for a crime in one territory and gets hired somewhere else is cause for worry. Employees and educational job seekers should understand that a background check for school employee positions is going to become more intense and potentially intrusive.

Child Abuse is one of the worst offences that can occur in educational institutions and sadly it is becoming more commonplace. Minimizing these outrages activities is possible by verifying the criminal record of all staff working in a school prior to their employment. Even the kindergarten teachers, day care instructors, and canteen staff should undergo background checks.

Another aspect to focus on is school transportation. Accidents reported due to the negligence or wrongful actions of school bus drivers can crush the aspirations of many in an instant. These incidents demand the initiation of background verification for school bus and van drivers to ensure children are transported in safe and secure manner. Most successful educational institutions in our nation take background checks seriously and this has made such institutions a safe place for studying in a peaceful & secure manner.

Thus, background checks in the educational industry are vital as they play a significant role in the safety and security of the future generation of the country.