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Why should an organization conduct a background check?

Businesses are utilizing employee screening services to avoid the financial and legal nightmares that come from hiring a person with criminal records, falsified credentials or some other issues that make him/her dangerous, unqualified or unfit for the position. Employee background screening promotes a safe and profitable workplace. Employment screening is not a sign of mistrust or an invasion of privacy, but rather an important step towards protecting your company from the risks associated with bad hiring. Background checks help employers:,

  1. To discourage inappropriate and unqualified applicants.
  2. To demonstrate due diligence in hiring process.
  3. To save time and money spent on recruiting and training ‘bad’ hires.
  4. To eliminate workplace violence, theft and other loss that may cause negative publicity.
  5. To encourage applicants to be honest and truthful while submitting their credentials.

What does a typical background check reveal?

Usually, a background check is meant to verify whether or not the applicant is being truthful about their criminal record, educational degrees, employment history including actual and reported dates of employment, job titles, etc. A background check will probe for any discrepancies between a candidate's claims and information reported by independent sources such as court records, previous employers, universities, boards and government agencies. Depending on the client’s preferences and objectives, the background check can be as comprehensive as checking criminal records, verifying past employment (gaps in resumes), educational qualification, residence verification, identity verification, professional reference check, database checks and substance abuse screening through drug testing. Mostly the false information is furnished in the employment history category, cases of which include the period of employment, employer’s company turning out to be bogus, non-existent telephone numbers of the previous workplace (numbers not reachable) or the company’s management denying that the candidate ever worked in the organization.

Do I need an applicant’s authorization to conduct a background check?

As required by law, authorization from an applicant to search various sources of information is strongly recommended and the employer has to make certain disclosures to the applicant to be checked regarding this screening process. Also, the employer needs to obtain the written or electronic consent from the person to be checked prior to a third-party screening company conducting any criminal record search, education and employment history check or reference check.

How long does a background check usually take?

The verifications conducted in the background screening process, the particular jurisdictional area where criminal records are being searched and a number of other factors like holidays, insufficiency in furnished candidate details etc., can affect the TAT (Turnaround Time). Many searches might take only minutes or hours and some may take days or even weeks. In our experience, the average check takes approximately 10-15 working days for completion. At A-Check Global, we will make sure our clients receive constant background check updates and have access to interim reports on a regular basis.

At A-Check Global, what extra steps are made to assure the quality of the results?

  1. Partial Verification -Verification process starts immediately after receiving the case file with insufficiencies, unlike competition, where cases are not initiated unless all insufficiencies are cleared.
  2. Multiple Attempts for Component Closure – Unlike competition, where checks like Employment Verification are closed after 3 attempts as “UTV-Unable to Verify”, A-Check Global team makes multiple attempts to close the verification; as reports submitted as UTV does not serve the end purpose of conducting Background Verification.
  3. Address Verification – Photographs of the Location / Premise / Main Door / Name Plate etc., along with the Address Verification Form, filled up at the site are provided as annexures along with the final report. Also, we conduct regular audits directly with the employees for address checks.
  4. Hygiene Check/Due-Diligence – SLA in place with all business partners. Regular and surprise audit of partners by sharing random fake cases.
  5. Comprehensive Criminal Record Verification – A first of its kind in India. In this component, we cross check about candidate’s Criminal Background with Local Police, Local Court &Online Civil and Criminal Court records including the Honourable Supreme Court of India.

How do A-Check Global deliver reports and in which format?

A-Check’s internal Quality Assurance & Compliance Team provides you with an accurate and high- quality background verification reports which adhere to stringent industry standards. The online system exclusively accessible and available to the clients contains clear and complete reports of the candidates in the PDF format. The candidate’s report contains all the instructions given by the client, alongside the candidate’s details. Each candidate’s report is labelled with a Unique Account Number. Individual verification sections are added in the report for each check along with the status and detailed information. We use four colour codes in each of the sections. Green signifies that no discrepancies were found; Yellow denotes minor discrepancies being found; while Red indicates critical discrepancies and Orange represents ‘Unable to Verify’ cases. Also, A-Check Global provides additional attachments like written authentications got from sources during verification for employer’s reference.

What practices do A-Check adopt to keep the data secure?

A-Check Global ensures Physical and Information Security of the facility and our processes are strictly monitored and adhered to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards. Physical access to the system is monitored and certain resources are accessible only to authorized individuals. As part of our overall security controls, we restrict physical and data access within the premises and within virtual spaces for protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the systems and candidate information used by A- Check to process the background check requests of the customers. After all the verifications have been completed and once the client ends the screening process, generated reports and final assessment results along with all details of the candidate are secured in accordance with the pre- defined Service Level Agreement that A-Check signed with the customer.

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