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Address Verification

Address checks are demonstrated to be a vital element in the background verification system since problems arising due to a missing / absconding employee can cost employers dearly. A-Check Global’s proactive team provides customers with credible data about a candidate’s residence and stay for a given period of time as required. Our robust address verification process is designed to ensure maximum validation with evidence documents to compliment the reports. We use:

* Physical site visits in all applicable cases

- Site visits Photographs

- Copy of address proof document collected with acknowledgment during the site visit

* Phone Verifications including

- Telephonic Verification (Land line / postpaid mobile number) to the respondent number

- Telephonic Verification (Land line / postpaid mobile number) to the neighbor number

* Written Verifications using postal communications

- Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due

- Secure Courier where the respondent has to sign.

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